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ok doke. some tings abouts me. i dig fantastic design - whether that's in print, on packaging , interior or architecture. but saying that i don't fall into this uber design freak template. i tend not to capitalize in my emails. i'm sorry but i don't care abouts that.

i'm a bit of an old man and a young man. the old man in me has me not going to bars or clubs or shows anymore. i just have grown tired of all that. the young man in me loves to goof around and be stupid.
i wanna feel connected to someone on many levels. i want to adore someone and be adored. i don't drink or smoke and would prefer if you did not. you can drink as long as it's not something that you need to have a good time. i'm just as happy playing badminton (street rules) as sitting at home playing a video game or watching a movie of sorts. i appreciate netflix and swear usually in approval of a good meal. for instance: "son of bitch, that is a good cookie." or "fuck you, now that's a grape".
i've been single for quite some time with some small "mini relationships" sprinkled in. it's either i like them and they don't like me or vice versa. what i can offer you is water if you come over to my house.
i'm looking for someone who "gets it". someone who has gotten to a point in their life where they somewhat established. you don't have to own a Subway®, but be content doing what you do and is mature enough to handle a relationship. you don't have to be a certain age because i have found i can get along with youts of 26 years old to around my age. good day to you.


The best thing about Chicago is: mike ditka's friendship.

My most embarrassing moment was when: in kindergarden we had to eat something that went along with the alphabet - s for soup, g for grapes etc. so when it was a for apricot i stood up. placed the apricot in my mouth. started to chew. then instantly i severely disliked it, and it fell in slow motion down my shirt to the floor and everyone laughed. i still stand behind my decision.

My favorite physical activity is: high fiving someone after some feat was accomplished.

I've been told I resemble this celebrity: Brad Pitt's doorman.

One thing I love that everyone else hates is: Big Foot. you know Sasquatch.

One thing I hate that everyone else loves is: you know when you accidently bend you fingernail back and then you look to see how far it bent? an it's halfway up your arm? Not sure why everyone loves that.

If I could have a dinner party and invite any four people, dead or alive, the guest list would be: before I answer this I must know if the dead people are going to bring something like a dip or cookies. Just so i know not to make it.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: look for vampire marks.

If I could change one thing about Chicago, it would be: are you talking about the band Chicago? they are perfect and would not change a thing.

One thing people are surprised to find out about me is: that I enjoy cake.

My hottest feature is: my tortellini sized ears

My favorite tv show to watch as a kid was: The Great Space Coaster. SpetreMan. GiggleSnort Hotel. Romper Room.

The question they should ask here is: did you know that Dick Johnson works with Pete Sack on the NBC news?

Fill in the Blank

My theme song is the Family Ties themesong

If you have a pet, it better not be stinky or loud or annoying or mean or shedding or Canadian.

telling the moon goodnight is my favorite way to end an evening.

If I were a super hero, I would be wear my underwear under my tights.

The quickest way to my heart is a circus peanut ( i know again with the circus peanut) The quickest way to my bed is a shiny nickel and in the morning, I like my eggs cooked like you mean it.

listening to rick astley makes me sweat.

The movie version of my life should be titled "He wore socks to bed and liked it" starring Brendan Fraser

Two things I can't live without are pants and pizza

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are smokies and dopies although i'd like to try pot brownies when i'm old enough.

My Preferences

Deep dish or thin crust

Fox News at 9 p.m. or WGN News at 9 p.m.

MySpace or Facebook

Wireless or landline


Roger Ebert or Richard Roeper

Steak or sushi

IKEA or used

Movies or theater

Books or movies

Netflix or Blockbuster

Cow's milk or soy milk

Dinner and a movie or Pizza and a rental

Email or letters

Borders or Seminary Co-op Bookstore

Reckless Records or mp3

Marshall Field's or Urban Outfitters

PBS Frontline or PBS Mystery

Print News or Web News


Current Status
Looking for
Casual dating, Romance, Long-term relationship, Activity Partner
Body Type
5' 09"
Hair Type
Balding, but if you looked at me from the front you'd say "balding? who's balding?"
Woman for Dating


College graduate
None, former catholic. i think god is decent though.
Political Leanings
Uk Village / west town
art director
Have Children
Want Children
nope. i get along with kids swimmingly but don't want any.


Never, only when on fire but that is lame.
Never, ginger ale, water, juice, soda and shakes.
Not interested


I get around town via
Car, Big Wheel™
My dietary preferences are
i'm picky but getting better
I spend my free time
Watching movies, Hanging out, Dining out, Communing with nature, Watching TV, street badmitton
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